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grass field

Polo at Lakeside is played on a "hybrid field", so called because its construction - 60 yards x 170, with four-foot fences and open goals - stands between that of larger fields and arena polo.  (The former is too big for spectators to spot the action and the latter are too small for long charges and chases.)  As a result, Lakeside's field spurs both thrilling breakaway runs of large-field polo, skillful bank-shots, and hard horse-bumping of arena polo.


In 2017, Lakeside Polo Club added a new full-sized lighted polo arena to give even more opportunity to play polo either on the grass or in the arena.  We host many tournaments in the arena, as well as our youth program, interscholastic teams and intercollegiate team as well. The lighted arena also allows our members to play on weekday nights.

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