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The Facilities at Lakeside Polo Club

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Grass or Arena, It's Up to You

Lakeside Polo Club offers a distinctive polo experience, striking a balance between large-field excitement and arena precision. This setting fosters thrilling breakaway runs and dynamic horse action.

In 2017, a new full-sized lighted polo arena was added, expanding opportunities for polo enthusiasts. The arena hosts numerous tournaments, youth programs, interscholastic teams, and an intercollegiate team. Members can now enjoy weekday night polo matches thanks to the arena's lighting. Join us for a unique and versatile polo experience.

Arena Polo at LPC

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Facilities - Grass Field

Hybrid Grass Field

Lakeside Polo boasts a unique field exhibition grass field with open goals. This innovative design bridges the gap between large fields, where action is hard to follow for spectators, and small arenas that limit extended charges and chases. As a result, our field fuels exhilarating breakaway runs and the intense horse-bumping typical of arena polo.

Fully-Lit Polo Arena

In 2017, Lakeside Polo Club introduced a state-of-the-art full-sized illuminated polo arena, expanding opportunities for both grass and arena polo. The arena hosts numerous tournaments, our vibrant youth program, interscholastic teams, and an intercollegiate team. Its lighting enables members to enjoy weekday night matches. Adjacent to the arena, we provide a hitting cage and a comfortable deck for spectators' enjoyment.

Facilities - Arena
Facilities - Cantina

The Cantina

The Cantina serves as a hub for polo players to foster a sense of community following a thrilling chukker. It's an ideal venue for hosting wedding receptions, corporate gatherings, and cherished family gatherings. Join us beneath the shade of the pepper tree to create lasting memories.

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