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Interscholastic Polo at Lakeside Polo Club

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Elevate Your Game with LPC Interscholastic

Lakeside Polo Club welcomes high school and middle school students to join our thriving interscholastic polo program. Experience the excitement of polo, learn valuable skills, and forge lasting friendships. Discover a world of opportunities for growth and fun on the polo field.

A Few Stats

Polo Players - Interscholastic

70+ Players

Have Played with LPC

Interscholastic National Championships

4 Trips

in last 5 seasons to USPA National Championships

Friends  - Interscholastic


Memories Made Playing

How to Get Started

Step 1

Check Eligibility with USPA

To ensure your readiness for interscholastic play, take the crucial step of assessing whether you can play interscholastic, carefully guided by the standards set forth by the United States Polo Association (USPA).

Step 2

Reach Out to Lakeside Polo Club

Express your interest in joining our interscholastic polo team; we eagerly welcome your enthusiasm and dedication. Become part of our vibrant community and embrace the thrill of interscholastic polo with us.

Step 3

Start Playing!

We extend a warm invitation to join our team. Kickstart your polo experience by joining our Tuesday night I/I practice sessions. Let's make polo memories together!

How to Get Involved
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